The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is a powerful assessment we offer at Corporate Cultures that Rock. Energy Leadership refers to both a particular and unique form of leadership, and also, literally, to the process of leading energy, so that it works for you rather than against you. After taking the online assessment, which takes about 20 minutes, I will then review your results with you during a 1-hour long debrief to find out where you fall in the energy spectrum. We will then discuss developmental opportunities so you can increase your ability to shift your own energy, as well as the energy of those around you.

Benefits to taking the ELI Assessment and Debrief include:
  • Learn the 7 Levels of Energy and where you fall on the spectrum
  • Increase ability to shift your own energy and the energy of those around you
  • Create strategies to use that energy to achieve positive, long-term, successful results
  • Inspire and motivate yourself and others
  • Feel a greater sense of purpose
  • Get more done with much less effort and stress
  • Constantly attract positive and powerful people 

You should take this assessment because it will increase your positive energy toward win-win opportunities and create more space for your intuition and briliance to shine. ​I look forward to working with you!
Special introductory offer! $95 includes assessment and one hour telephone review.


Energy Leadership Index Assessment 
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