Much thanks to my colleagues and clients for their nice words. I greatly appreciate working with such fine people!

I recently took the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment and received a debrief of the results from Carrie. Throughout the entire debrief process she made me feel completely at ease to speak openly and honestly about my experiences and how my different energies were showing up in my work and life. I believe that safe environment allowed me to achieve a greater learning and perspective shift. Carrie acknowledged and validated my reservations, and spoke to me in a way that I could connect to. I walked away with a deeper understanding of where and how stress was showing up in my personal and professional life, and with a feeling that I could start to make small adjustments to reduce the impact of that stress.
~Lyndsey Kelly
Lyndsey Kelly Coaching, LLC

I went to a presentation by Carrie about International Dimensions of Strong Corporate Cultures. I learned a lot about engagement, collaboration and innovation in organizations with different nationalities. It was excellent. I highly recommend Carrie as a presenter about these topics!
~Richard Atkinson, Advisor to Entrepreneurs
Access Creative Power

Working with Carrie has broadened my perspectives and sparked a new approach into my own problem solving and self-discovery journey. As an Energy Leadership Coach Carrie is certified to administer the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment which created new insights into how I show up in my every day activities both personally and professionally. Her debrief of my assessment was very professional and insightful, I was given lots of valuable information which has enabled me to navigate through life with added awareness. I have praise for Carrie as a certified professional coach and would definitely recommend her services and the ELI assessment to anyone.
~Hector Santiago, Co-Owner
Live Unlimited Coaching

Carrie knows her stuff and has put a great deal of thought into distilling the essence of motivating, innovative business cultures. Her "Five Keys" represent a clear path from valuing employees as individuals eager to contribute their unique assets to a larger purpose, through organizational and personal development, to the innovative capacity that delivers real, transformative value to customers and communities. Carrie's warm and engaging manner and gentle humor help the message stick.
~Michael Grant, Global Team Builder
Swift Passage Trading

Carrie delivered an enlightening presentation at the Central Texas chapter of World Future Society. She shared with us her company's years of research on how businesses can look for novel opportunities and encourage engagement and innovation in their organizations, generously exemplified with stories from local Austin entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who reinvented themselves, their businesses and the local community. We are very thankful for Carrie sharing her talents, insight and positive disposition with us and would gladly recommend her to any event planner! I am excited to see her again at the WFS conference in San Francisco, July 2015.
~Anne Boysen, International Speaker, Generational Foresight Strategist
After the Millennials

I would like to write a recommendation for Carrie Vanston. When I first met Carrie, she described herself as a connector in our community. Since then, I don't think a day goes by where I don't see Carrie, or Technology Futures, or her conference come across my radar screen. I believe that people naturally gravitate to Carrie because she exudes genuine commitment to her work, her company, her clients, and her community. Carrie's interpersonal, marketing, event management, and sales talents are without equal. It is truly a pleasure just to watch Carrie Vanston operate. She truly knows what she is doing, and she executes flawlessly every single day. Carrie Vanston is a real asset to our community.
~Ronald Hash, Program Director & Engagement Manager (Application Systems Modernization: Workday Project)
The University of Texas at Austin

Do not let Carrie's sweet disposition and kindness fool you, she is a steely visionary and a adroit executive. Few people can pull off a dinner party, and she was able to have an international conference right here in Austin, TX that was both informative and entertaining. She is leading the concept that companies have to look at Mini Trends to be able to be AHEAD of the competition. I was an honor and privileged to have been part of her great conference.
~Jeffrey Fry, CEO/President
Well Beyond Care

I am so thankful that I have the pleasure of knowing Carrie. She's absolutely passionate about her work and her writing, and it really sets her apart. She's constantly hungry for new knowledge and new technologies. Carrie manages her ambitious career and her growing family with such ease and always with a smile on her face. This attitude and determination have propelled her and her family's business to the top of their industry. I would never hesitate to recommend Carrie - on a personal or business level. She's an absolute joy to work with!
~Laura Alter, Board Member
Austin Kids Foundation